Friday, November 20, 2020

AirAsia Introduces Scan2Fly System To Determine Travel Eligibility For Passengers


AirAsia has partnered with tech company Grey Matter to implement the new Scan2Fly system to its self check-in process for passengers. The system is an AI-based feature that can determine a passenger’s eligibility to fly before they arrive at the airport, including real time verification of relevant health documentation.

“Due to the travel regulations implemented by countries’ governments to break the COVID-19 chain, AirAsia has developed Scan2Fly for the benefit and peace of mind for our guests, as well as the authorities of every country that we fly to,” the company wrote on its website. “AirAsia is one of the first airlines in the world that has this capability for the verification of PCR test certificates and other travel-required documents.”

Through Scan2Fly, passengers can scan and upload the required documents during the self check-in process. Once uploaded, a report is provided automatically with the approval or rejection status, including the reason for any rejection. The airline claims that the process of analysing the validity of documents and determining a guest’s travel eligibility will take just a few seconds.

The company added that the system has been successfully implemented by GrayMatter and has already gone live for a number of AirAsia flights from the KLIA2 Airport. These include trips to/from Singapore and Surabaya, with plans to also add Jakarta to the list in the near future.

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