Thursday, November 26, 2020

Apple Personnel Indicted For Bribery; Allegedly Offered iPads For Concealed Firearms Licenses


Apple seems to have found itself in hot water with the law once more but in a fairly interesting manner. The fruit brand’s Chief Security Officer, Thomas Moyer, was recently indicted by the County Sheriff’s Department of Santa Clara for, of all things, alleged bribery involving iPads.

To be precise, the indictment alleges that Moyer attempted to gain licenses for concealed firearms, in return for a “donation” of 200 iPads worth nearly RM300000 to the Sheriff’s Office. By comparison, the fees generally required to obtain one license in the US varies between US$200 (~RM818) and US$400 (~RM1637), and given Apple’s global net worth, giving away those iPads was pretty much like loose change.

Unfortunately, the bribe never followed through and the deal was scrapped following the issuance of a search warrant by the same Sheriff’s office. In addition to Moyer, three others were also slapped with bribery charges, two of which were actually officers of the Sheriff’s Department that had pushed for the bribe from Moyer. That, and some really expensive tickets to a local hockey game.

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