Monday, November 16, 2020

Dell No Longer Selling Products Through Retail Stores In Malaysia


Dell has decided to stop selling its products through retail stores in Malaysia. As a result of the new move which also affects Singapore, Dell products and services can only be obtained directly from the company from now on.

We first got the wind of this through an anonymous tipster who provided us with an internal announcement that was sent to Dell retail partners in Malaysia and Singapore late last month. According to the announcement, the decision to pull out from the retail segment of both markets was taken after the company review its presence in several regions throughout the world.

Hence, the company now no longer accepts any new orders from local retailers. Even though this move is effective immediately, the announcement also noted that Dell will continue to honour any existing contractual obligations with its retail partners and customers.

We have since verified the information with Dell, who has sent us the brief statement below:

Dell Technologies has announced plans to transition out of the retail market in Singapore and Malaysia. Customers will still have access to the full complement of our products and services through Dell direct.

This doesn’t mean that Dell products have immediately disappeared from local retail stores though. You can still see plenty of them around at the moment but if you are looking for products that the company have just launched for Malaysia such as the Inspiron laptops with 11th Intel Gen processors, they are now only available through Dell Malaysia’s website.

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