Wednesday, November 4, 2020

(Stories) “I’m With Face Masks All The Time BUT I’m Infected

A beautician, named Juju Lee, 26-year-old was tested positive with Covid-19. She shared her journey of recovery in social media, revealing after she was infected, her life is left with repeatedly injection, blood draw, x-ray and never ending drips.

As a single mother, she miss her children very much. All the obstacles, pushing her to the brink. She broke down in tears countless times.
She told China Press, she is a single mother to 3 children aged 9,6 and 3.
It’s been more than 2 weeks that she didn’t see her children as hospital do have a policy that no visitor allowed to avoid further spread of the virus.

She is currently at the stage 3, where inflammation was found in her lung. If her conditions deteriorated, she might need ventilators or even admitted to ICU.

She never told her kids she was contracted Covid-19 but just telling them she wasn’t feeling well. She hold her tears every time when she video called the kids. It’s heart-breaking.

”Don’t tell me it’s easy if you never experienced it. You are going to face the sickness all alone. Do you think it’s easy? Several times, i burst into tears. If i’m not strong enough probably i will ended my life.”

Juju said her symptoms like cough, fever started on Oct 9. She went to the clinic to see doctor but the doctor only gave her some medicines.
However, her conditions doesn’t seems better and she started to experience dizziness, backache, nausea and breathing difficulty.

She went to hospital again for the Covid test. The test result was out on Oct 13, and she was positive.
She was admitted to the hospital for treatment and was already diagnosed at stage 3.

Beside lost of sense of smell and taste, she also lost of appetite, insomnia. She hardly breath and dizzy even just walking a few steps.

She also mentioned in her post that the manpower shortage in the hospital, most of the doctors are on standby for emergency cases. So the patients can only rely on the nurses. but the ward for Covid-19 is very busy sometimes, she hardly even get a nurse.

The nurses work day and night. sometimes will even wake the patients up in the middle of the night.

“Doctors seldom in touch with the patients, most of the time, they will just called and communicate with us.”

The doctors told her even after she discharge from the hospital. She might need to take long time for the recovery. But, she said she will face it positively.
She told media, she had no idea where she contracted the virus, as most of the time she stayed home and only go to work. She wear masks whenever she is in public places.

She urged public to seek for medical attention as soon as symptoms showed. And those who suspected they contracted the virus should do home quarantine to avoid spreading to others.
” The virus is invisible and its just around us, i saw a lot of people including the frontliners are infected too. Please don’t just think of yourself but the people around you, you family, you children and loved one. What if you are infected ?”

She urged everyone to take care of themselves, those come back from outside to shower before you carry the small kids at home. Please strictly adhere to SOP, put on masks in public places, wash hand frequently and safe distancing with others.

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