Tuesday, December 8, 2020

iOS 14.2 Causes Severe Battery Drain On Older Devices


If you’re using an iOS device and have yet to update to iOS 14.2, it’s probably better to hold of the update for now. This is especially if you’re using an older device. Reports of the operating system causing severe battery drain have popped up in the Apple developer forums as well as Reddit.

Some users are reporting their devices losing up to 50% of their battery charge in less than 30 minutes. Others are seeing their battery life dropping by around five percent in just minutes of normal use. Even charging seems to take longer than usual. And to top it all off, users are seeing their battery charge go up after a restart.

For the most part, this issue seems to be affecting the older devices. The newest model to be affected appears to be the iPhone XS. Devices older than that go all the way back to the first SE.

For now, there’s no word as to when Apple will be pushing out a new version to fix this issue. The company did release an iOS 14.2.1, two weeks after iOS 14.2. But oddly enough, this version is only available for the iPhone 12 family, which is largely unaffected by the battery drain bug.

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