Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Los Angeles COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Can Have Their Digital Record On Apple Wallet

The Apple Wallet allows for the storage of various types of e-cards. These range from tickets to credit and debit cards. And now, it looks like it can be used to hold a card that proves that you’ve taken your COVID-19 vaccine shot. At least in Los Angeles.

Bloomberg reports that the digital token is provided by a software company called Healthvana. And it serves two purposes. For those who have only had their first dose of the COIVD-19 vaccine, it serves as a reminder for when it’s time for the second one.

Once someone has had both, then it serves as a vaccination record. It can then be shown as proof that you’ve been immunised. This can then be shown “to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it”. In addition to the Apple Wallet, Healthvana CEO Ramin Bastani also said that it can be used on the “competing Google platform”.

The idea is a good one. Especially once you’ve had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, being able to show proof of the fact that using the phone sounds are very convenient indeed. But for that to happen, we’ll need a similar initiative locally.

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