Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Battlefield 6 Rumoured To Be Soft Cross-Gen Reboot; Will Support Up To 128 Players

It’s been more than two years since EA launched Battlefield V (BFV) and any news about a Battlefield 6 (BF6) has been far and few. That is, up until a few days ago.

According to YouTuber and popular leakster, Tom Henderson, he recently received information that BF6 would be return players back to a modern setting but more specifically, it would be a “soft reboot” of Battlefield 3. While this may not agree with some, we honestly believe this to be a good thing; Battlefield 3 has often been regarded as one of EA’s best instalment of the franchise, even after the arrival of its sequel, Battlefield 4.

Moving on, Henderson also says in his video that BF6 would reportedly be cross-generational, meaning that the game will be playable on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as last-generation PS4 and Xbox One. In regards to the latter consoles, Henderson goes on to say that owners of said consoles should manage their expectations in terms of visuals and a limited level of destruction.

As for the multiplayer aspect of BF6, there’s talk that EA plans on making the maps bigger, with the ability to accommodate up to 128 players on a single game. For context, that’s double the number of players that the largest BFV map is capable of holding, meaning that we can look forward to more mayhem, more destruction, and an even greater number of Conquest matches. Sadly, Henderson said that there’s no indication if EA plans on bringing the Battle Royale mode it introduced in BFV into its next instalment.

EA has said that it plans on launching Battlefield 6 during the holidays of 2021, but fell short of providing an exact launch date. That said, if Henderson’s rumours are true, then we could be, in true Battlefield fashion, looking at yet another grand multiplayer ambition by the studio itself.

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