Thursday, January 7, 2021

Facebook Extends Trump’s Ban Period For At Least Two More Weeks

While it is not entirely surprising, the world was still quite shocked to see a mob stormed through the U.S Capitol in Washington yesterday after being riled up by the outgoing U.S President, Donald Trump. In response to the incident, Facebook and Twitter then subsequently decided to delete posts that related to it and put a temporary ban on Trump’s account on their respective platforms.

However, Facebook has since decided to take things even further. In a remark posted by Mark Zuckerberg himself, he has revealed that the company is now extending the ban on his Facebook and Instagram account from just 24 hours to “at least the next two weeks,”.

In other words, the social media company has decided to silence Trump until the next U.S President, Joe Biden has officially assumed the office.  Through the same announcement, Mark has also defended Facebook’s decision to allow the outgoing President to utilize its platform, saying that it is a public right to have access to political speech regardless of controversial or otherwise.

Clearly, what happened yesterday has changed Zuckerberg & Co’s outlook on the matter. That being said, we doubt that this is far from over, knowing the controversial nature of Trump and his supporters.

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