Friday, January 1, 2021

Google Welcomes 2021 With New Animated Doodle

Most people will be celebrating New Year’s Eve today. Google has released a brand new animated doodle to celebrate it, and this Google Doodle is available in almost all regions.

To see it, you can just open the Google search page and click on the logo, and then Google will lead you to the page shows the date for New Year Eve. Confetti will fall from the top of screen to celebrate with the users.

On the Google Doodle page, there is a description of the animation’s purpose. This time the animation design as a cuckoo clock it indicates that Google is here to count down to the end of the year and welcoming a new year.

There have been other animations in the past as well. Certain animations were only exclusive to certain regions too. Google has had other Doodles that involve Malaysia such as Nasi Lemak. The company has had one for Malaysian singer Sudirman’s 65th birthday too.

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