Monday, January 18, 2021

PlayStation And Burger King Malaysia Tease A Collaboration

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Burger King aren’t usually names that you’d imagine working together. But on Burger King Malaysia’s Facebook page, we see a teaser of one such thing happening.

Naturally, the post itself doesn’t say much. All you see is the PlayStation logo and Burger King’s logo, followed by the words “coming soon”. It does lead to a lot of speculation as to what this collaboration could be.

Though if we look at what the two companies have done together before this in the US, we may get an idea as to what this is all about. Specifically, back in October last year, the two companies had a deal, in which customers of Burger King had a chance of winning a PS5. And all they had to do was purchase two US$5 deals.

And since Burger King Malaysia captioned the post as “Wishes do come true”, it’s quite possible that something similar may be happening. The post also comes with the date of 22 January 2021, which indicates the day the actual promo will be announced.

That being said, it’s probably better to not have your hopes too high just yet. If it is indeed the very same promo, then great. But if not, at least you didn’t invest too much emotionally into it happening.

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