Monday, January 25, 2021

Shaan Se Shine: Sunsilk inspires Pakistani women to shine in various fields

Earlier this month, girls from diverse backgrounds shared their black and white photographs displaying their hair, and their faces turned over social media which caused some stir. Each post highlighted the opinions of what others deemed fit for these girls.

Today, girls across Pakistan are often criticized for being too ambitious for following their dreams. People and the society at large tell them in one way or the other how being a girl, they can’t handle a certain job or follow their passion. Whereas, for the opposite gender being ambitious is considered a powerful and likable characteristic.

The question then arises that does gender really have a role to play when it comes to ambition? Not really! #SunsilkPk through its latest #ShaanSeshine campaign empowers young girls to value their true potential and capabilities.

Sunsilk revealed its #ShaanSeShine campaign with influential girls turning around and sharing how they shattered the unjust expectations of our society. Sohai Ali Abro, an actor known for shattering stereotypes in real and reel life, is the new face of Sunsilk Black Shine and she requested all the power girls to #ShaanSeShine and become a part of an unstoppable community.

“Girls are tired of listening to comments on what they should not do: don’t be independent, don’t get a higher education, don’t drive, don’t pursue a career or be a sport’s girls, rather sit at home and take good care of your hair. Sunsilk is inspiring thousands of girls to open endless possibilities for themselves,” Sohai said in her message.

Influencers taken on board for this campaign ranged from celebrities to journalists, to home-based and out-of-home business entrepreneurs to national level players. The diversity of their struggle stories had a great influence on the general public.

Here are examples of some highly ambitious girls who followed their hearts and exceeded what society thought they were only capable of:

Actor and film producer Urwa Hocane, who also has luscious locks, shared that “people told me you’re pretty and petite; you should stay at home and take care of your hair. However, I believed that turning my dreams into reality is my right so I followed my passion. It is my turn now, I will take care of my hair and I will shine!”

The brand inspires girls to open endless possibilities and take care of their inner dreams and outer beauty, both at the same time. We love how this campaign included a diverse range of fields and gave equal importance to individual choices. It was evident by the positive response to the campaign that girls from all social circles relate to this pre-set notion set for them. They shared their personal struggles when they faced criticism regarding their dreams just because they were independent and ambitious.

#SunsilkPk stood out with the #ShaanSeShine campaign and taught the audience that what others say should never stand as a reflection of your own potential and it encourages the girls to be unstoppable when it comes to achieving their dreams.

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