Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Google Resumes Updates For Several iOS Apps, Fixes “Out-Of-Date” Bug

December 2020 was the last time Google released any updates for its iOS apps, and its actions are causing issues for users that are on the mobile platform. Users who tried to sign in to their Google accounts were reportedly met with “this app is out of date” notices, specifically with Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos. To name a few.

The good news is that Google seems to have apparently resolved the issue, rolling out the appropriate updates as a solution. As to the cause of the sign-in error, Google says that it was due to a bug.

The rollout can also be seen as Google staying true to its word, that it would start including Apple’s new mandatory app privacy labels with every app update. That said, there are still other Google-based iOS apps that have yet to receive an update. Case in point, the search engine’s Chrome app still remains unpatched and could spell disaster, from a security standpoint, if it continues to be left as such.

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