Monday, February 1, 2021

Redefine The Mobile Imaging Experience With The New Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

After much hype prior to its release, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21 series has finally arrived. The trio, consisting of the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra, are equipped with the brand’s latest and advanced hardware, as well as featuring a new iconic look that innovates modern smartphone design.

The new series not only offers top-of-the-line performance for your casual day-to-day use and gaming, but also for imaging purposes. Users can expect to achieve a professional level of photography and videography with great ease on just a smartphone – without the need for external accessories or enhancements.

This is made possible by the following key camera features included on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series which redefines the mobile imaging experience:

Deliver The Bigger Picture

Samsung achieved a technological milestone by introducing its 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX in 2019, which is still the largest mobile phone camera sensor ever developed. Naturally, the brand has brought back its groundbreaking 108MP camera to be featured in its latest Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone – but not without some major improvements to go along with it.

The new 108MP camera enables you to capture images with a tremendous amount of details preserved, thanks to its advanced remosaic processing capability. These high resolution photos exhibit more clarity and higher colour fidelity, so you can crop images as much as you like without worrying about any loss in quality.

Of course, you too can still enjoy high resolution imaging with the standard model and the Galaxy S21 Plus as well. This is thanks to their onboard 64MP camera, which not only allows you to capture photos in large formats but also high quality shots of distant objects thanks to its built-in 3x optical zoom capability.

See The Unseen

Also making a return on the new Galaxy S21 Ultra along with the 108MP sensor is Samsung’s signature Space Zoom feature. With new improvements of its own, capturing distant objects with the phone’s camera is now faster and sharper than any zoom before.

This is made possible thanks to the new Dual Zoom system which utilises the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s dual telephoto lens that are capable of zooming optically at 3x and 10x respectively. Each lens is assigned to their own 10MP sensors and will switch at their respective designated zoom range, ensuring your shots will not experience any drop in quality whatsoever.

The Space Zoom’s 100x achieves its high quality imaging by using the onboard AI Super Resolution Zoom which combines the 108MP sensor’s capability with the Dual Zoom system. This ensures that zoomed shots that exceed the 10x optical limit to feature less blurring and more clarity. Needless to say; sky’s the limit when you have the Galaxy S21 Ultra in your hands.

Other camera-based improvements on the Galaxy S21 series include better autofocusing via the onboard Laser AF and Dual Pixel AF. These allow the camera system to accurately focus on a subject at greater speeds, thus providing smoother and better imaging experience than ever before. Furthermore, should the camera detect that you are trying to capture an object within 10cm, it will smartly switch to the ultra-wide lens in an instant for macro style shots.

No Fear Of The Dark

Perhaps the biggest woe for every smartphone user, especially when it comes to imaging, is capturing photos in low light conditions. With Samsung’s Bright Night technology that is featured on sensors across the Galaxy S21 series, you can toss your worries aside and no longer fear the dark.

The sensors on the new Samsung flagships offer a larger pixel density, thus allowing more light to be captured – even in extremely low-light environments. This is made possible by Bright Night’s advanced Night mode which uses multi-frame blending that combines several shots of a subject into a high resolution image. This process merely takes a split second and its end result retains a high amount of detail with reduced noise, making them look no different than those shot under better lighting.

Why Stop At One Viewpoint?

The Director’s View is the newest feature introduced by Samsung, which is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S21 series. This mode allows you to choose your angles via multiple cameras that are active simultaneously.

When activated, you’ll be able to switch between three viewpoints in real-time by tapping on the thumbnails that correspond to each active camera. These include the view from the main shooter, the telephoto, and the front-facing camera. The active thumbnails also help you to make sure that the framing on each camera is just right before you decide to switch angles for your recordings or live streams.

Speaking of streaming, Director’s View also includes the all-new Vlogger View which activates both the front-facing and rear cameras at the same time. This mode enables for a split view or a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) view format for your vlogging purposes.

Handheld Film Studio

In this current generation, 4K video has gradually become the standard for cinematic and home entertainment, as well as for mobile based videography. But why stop there?

Much like its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has prepared you for the future by allowing for video recordings of up to 8K resolution – the highest quality available on a smartphone. Not only are you able to capture footage in a staggeringly high resolution that is cinema worthy, you’ll also be able to take certain frames from a video and save it as a 33MP photo via the 8K Snap function.

Fancy frame rates instead? No worries, as the Galaxy S21 series all come with HD and 4K recording capabilities capped at 60fps. The latter is also the default resolution used for the previously mentioned Director’s View mode.

Experience The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Today

The Galaxy S21 trio is available in Malaysia starting today. In conjunction with the local release, Samsung has kicked off a special promotional campaign for customers which is slated to end on 31 March 2021. During this period, those who purchase any of the Galaxy S21 variants are entitled to receive a Galaxy Fit2 smartband, a Galaxy SmartTag and Wireless Charger Trio worth a total of RM697! Terms and conditions apply, while stocks last.

That’s not all. Be prepared for more epic experiences as Samsung Malaysia is also  hosting its very first virtual tech festival via its official Instagram account. Catch 21  influencers including JinnyBoy, Andi Bernadee, Daiyan Trisha, Yaya Zahir, Epicism Boys and many others through 21 livestreams when the event commences from 29 to 31 January. Be sure not to miss their impressions of the latest flagship series, as well as the latest updates on the all new Samsung Galaxy S21!

For more information about the Galaxy S21’s launch promo, please visit the following URL:

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