Monday, February 1, 2021

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Is Free On Steam; Claim It Before 2 February

The world of video games is a great fuel for the imagination. Sometimes though burning questions like “who would win in a battle between 10000 chickens and an army of Romans?” will arise. And while intelligent, calculated guesses would usually suffice, sometimes you’d want to see things pan out with your own eyes.

That’s where the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator comes in, and it is free-to-keep for a limited time on Steam. In fact, claim it before 2 February and it will be yours forever.

There’s not much else to say about the UEBS. It’s definitely not something you’ll spend endless hours on. And I would imagine its novelty will also wear out very quickly. But if you wanted to see a bunch of animals go at it against another bunch, or a group of human soldiers across history fighting each other, this does just that.

As mentioned, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free on Steam until 2 February 2021. Claim it before then, and you’ll have something to laugh at every once in awhile when things get rough in life. If you’ve read reviews of the game in its early days, you may be put off by the poor UI. Now that it’s free, you can find out for yourself if it’s something you’re willing to endure.

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