Saturday, February 20, 2021

WiFi 6 Certified Router

WiFi 6 Certified Router

What is so special about the new WiFi 6 router from Maxis?

The new router has the latest WiFi technology, being a WiFi 6 certified device by the WiFi Alliance organization. It offers faster WiFi connections for better surfing and gaming experience, offers stronger, wider coverage and comes built-in with EasyMesh™ and has bigger capacity to connect even more devices.

Is this new WiFi 6 router given free of charge or do customers have to pay for it?

The new router is given free of charge to all new installations for plans of Maxis Fibre 100Mbps and above.

Customer has an existing mesh device(s) and also a DECT phone. Can those work together with the new WiFi 6 router?

Yes, the mesh device(s) and the DECT phone can be easily added to the new router. On top of that, this new WiFi 6 router also supports EasyMesh™, which means, customers can choose to buy EasyMesh™ nodes out there in the market and pair it to this router.

This WiFi 6 router is EasyMesh™ compliant. Where can I add-on the EasyMesh™ nodes?

By being EasyMesh™ compliant, it means customer need to only purchase 1 EasyMesh™ node to deploy a Mesh network in their home. These EasyMesh™ node(s) can be purchased from open channel retailers and online stores.

The devices that I have at home are all older generation devices, from my smartphone, to TV and also gaming console. These devices are WiFi 4 (802.11n) and WiFi 5 (802.11ac) technology. Will all these devices work with the new WiFi 6 router?

Yes, the devices will work with the new WiFi 6 router. The latest gadgets which have WiFi 6 technology will be able to fully maximize the new WiFi 6 router capabilities.

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