Saturday, February 6, 2021

Xiaomi Believes Future Phones Don’t Need Ports; Unveils One with Quad-Curved Waterfall Display

After revealing the Mi Air Charge TechnologyXiaomi has decided to showcase yet another conceptual product in the form of the quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone. This particular concept device is pretty much an attempt by Xiaomi’s engineers to design a phone that is almost fully covered by the glass screen.

Xiaomi stated that among the challenging aspect of this project is to craft the hyper-curved glass panel which has an angle of 88-degrees and requires a long list of complex procedures to make it a reality. The company also claimed that it finally managed to come out with the final product after thousands of attempts.

Since all sides of the concept phone are covered by glass, the functions that were traditionally performed by physical buttons have been taken over by touch gestures. One such example shown in the video released by Xiaomi is how users just need to slide their fingers on the side of the concept phone to adjust its volume.

What made the concept phone even more interesting is the fact that it has no port as well which the company believes is a new direction for future phones. Xiaomi claimed that it has plenty of solutions that can make this happen including piezoelectric ceramics, flexible display acoustic technology, under-display camera, wireless charging, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, eSIM, and many more.

In fact, the new concept device was made possible through the usage of the company’s 46 patented technologies that were developed in-house. While Xiaomi has a habit of releasing its concept phone into the market, this particular model is likely not ready for the public as the company not only didn’t provide any details regarding its specs and availability but there is no product name for it as well.

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