Monday, February 1, 2021

Xiaomi Has Its Own Patent For Phones With Detachable Camera

Late last year, an OPPO patent was uncovered that depicted a phone with a detachable rear camera module. It looks like Xiaomi has its own version, as a similar patent by the company has just emerged.
91mobiles reports that the Xiaomi patent depicts a phone with a detachable multi-lens unit. The mechanism is described as magnetic suspension. Which may also involve a receiver and a wireless transmission module, in addition to the magnets.

Overall, the goal here is pretty simple. Like the OPPO patent, Xiaomi aims to  use the detachable rear camera setup so that a device with it would not need a camera in front. This allows the display to fully take over the front of the phone, without notches or punch holes. It would serve as an alternative to under display camera tech.

The detachable nature implies a number of other uses like taking pictures remotely too. That being said, the report was light on details this time around. So it remains to be seen if the Xiaomi patent describes the wireless tech that it uses, like Bluetooth or WiFi, for example.

Overall, the major difference here between the OPPO and the Xiaomi patent is that this one connects to the phone using magnetism rather than a USB-C port. Of course, it remains to be seen when, or if, the company will sell something based on this.

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