Saturday, March 13, 2021

Denuvo Anti-Cheat Now Available As Middleware For PS5 Game Devs

Denuvo is probably a name that elicits very specific reactions from PC gamers who have been negatively affected by it. Now, its parent company, Irdeto, has announced that its anti-cheat tech is now available for devs making games for the PS5.

This may sound like a cause for concern, considering the way Denuvo impacted certain games on PC. But the company claims that some games on the PS5 are already making use of the Denuco anti-cheat system. The company stopped short of identifying said games. But on the bright side, so far there hasn’t been any word of a PS5 game’s performance being severely hampered.

At the same time, it’s probably important to highlight that PS5 games have the Denuvo anti-cheat tech implemented. This works to, as the name suggests, prevent cheating rather than piracy. That latter one is the more infamous anti-tamper, or DRM, tech of the brand, which can cause severe slowdowns when it doesn’t work quite as intended.

Beyond that, it’s also quite redundant these days for console games to come with anti-tamper. It’s not something that’s commonly done anymore, unlike the days of the first two PlayStation consoles. It would make little sense to play to protect against something less used, especially when it’s far from affordable to do so.

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