Saturday, March 13, 2021

Resident Evil Village Gets Its Own Phishing Scam

Last month, we saw scammers trying to phish for victims via fake Far Cry 6 beta invites. Now, it’s the turn of Resident Evil Village. The approach is pretty similar too, with this one using the guise of “early access invitations”.

Twisted Voxel reports that Capcom Europe has sent out a notice regarding this phishing scam. As before, the email comes from an official-looking email from the company. Capcom warns that it did not actually send out such emails, and that you shouldn’t download any files or reply to them. You should also delete the email to be safe.

The report also mentions that Capcom did indeed have a number of prior private beta tests for Resident Evil Village. These closed beta tests have taken place both before and after the game’s announcement. For those who are aware of these tests, then this phishing attempt will look even more legitimate. The scammers are likely trying to make use of this fact.

At any rate, there’s probably no need to be in such a hurry to experience Resident Evil Village. After all, the game will be released in early May. And if you own a PS5, you can use the Maiden visual showcase to scratch that itch a little while waiting.

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