Sunday, March 7, 2021

Leaker: Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, And More Getting PC Ports

When Horizon Zero Dawn made its way to PC, it opened the floodgates of possibility. The notion that PS exclusives coming to PC suddenly became believable. Then came confirmation of Days Gone making the same migration. Now, a leaker claims that more of PlayStation’s finest will also be getting ported.

Twitter user @CrazyLeaksTrain claims that Bloodborne, an Uncharted collection, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War will be making their way to PC. The Uncharted collection is presumably the Nathan Drake Collection, which compiles the remasters of the first three games into one, though the leaker themselves claim it will be all four main titles.

According to GamesRadar+, the leaker has a pretty good track record. They have predicted the Ninja Gaiden remasters and the port of Nioh 2 to PC, even if their predicted dates a re a few months off.

If this list is indeed true then it’s great news for PC gamers. Each of the four listed here have performed great on the PS4. So much so that you probably wouldn’t be wrong to call them system sellers. This is especially true for Bloodborne, the most unique of the Soulsborne games; God of War, once the fastest selling exclusive of the console, and Ghost of Tsushima, arguably the perfect swansong for the PS4.

But even if the list of PC ports is real, it remains to be seen when it will actually happen. But it will be great when it does, especially for Bloodborne that is now stuck in its 30fps limbo.

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