Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Warriors Den And Cyclestate Partner Up To Accelerate Malaysian eSports Talent And Opportunities

Warriors Den Sdn Bhd and Cyclestate have announced a strategic partnership with aims to build momentum in the Malaysian eSports scene through newly introduced educational courses for local youths and young adults. The new syllabus is offered by the former through boot camps and tournaments, which are designed to be fun and interactive – with hopes of allowing for wider participation and opportunities to accelerate talent and capabilities in the world of eSports.

These courses, according to Warriors Den, are built on the core values of “Engage, Educate, and Enhance” which intends to bridge the gap between eSports and education, upskilling local talents, and creating more job opportunities in the country. The company added that the boot camps will be made available to Malaysians within the age groups of 10 to 17 years-old for youths, and 18 to 25 for young adults.

“In recent years, Southeast Asia has experienced growth in the Games industry, promising so much more,” said Warriors Den co-founder Rajasekaran Teagarajan. “However the reality is, there are a lot more gaps to bridge, skills to hone, and talents to be identified specifically in Malaysia.”

Warriors Den is a local eSports education company that aims to guide individuals into becoming professional gamers or enabling them to enter the workforce that supports the gaming industry. The latter, as described by company chairperson YM Tengku Faizwa, includes various opportunities such as eSports management, game development, streaming, organising live events, and exposure to various technologies.

Cyclestate, on the other hand, is Malaysia’s first eSports agency focusing on solutions and strategies for grassroots development, talent activation and content curation. Its goal is to create a thriving ecosystem for brands to engage and explore unique opportunities in the local eSports scene.

Those interested to find out more regarding the courses offered may visit Warriors Den’s official Facebook page (link below) for further information, or by emailing them at info@warriorsden.asia.  According to the company, the pilot bootcamps will run for a total of 40 hours and awards a certificate of attendance endorsed by ESL Gaming, a strategic partner of the program.

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