Wednesday, April 28, 2021

G.Skill Introduces Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 RAM Series

G.Skill has launched its new Trident Z Royal Elite series of DDR4 RAM, the latest addition to the brand’s Trident Z family. The new memory draws inspiration from the current Royal series and basically flaunts a new heatsink design and better-looking heatsinks.

Aesthetically speaking, the aluminium heatsink on each memory stick now features what G.Skill refers to as a “meticulously sculpted” crystalline pattern, which basically gives it a more textured look and feel, versus its predecessor’s plain outlook. On a related note, the new memory sticks still retain the same crystalline light bar on its spine, complete with an eight-zone RGB lighting that can be configured as customised via the onboard PC system it is installed into.

Then, as now, the Trident Z Royal Elite series comes in two colour palates, Gold and Silver. Moreover, the DDR4 memory kits are available in sets of dual 8GB, 16GB, and 32 GB options, and at speeds of 3600MHz, 4000MHz, 4266MHz, 4800MHz, 5066MHz, and 5333MHz. As always, CL timing for each memory kit varies, but they start at 16-19-19-39 for 3600MHz kits, while the fastest 5333MHz kit has CL timings of 22-32-32-52.

Availability-wise, G.Skill’s new Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 RAM will be available globally from May onwards.

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