Sunday, June 20, 2021

Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Now Official And Arriving This Year

A couple of months ago, there was a Twitter poll where the Xbox Series X beat out Skittles. The poll saw a surge of interest when Aaron Greenberg, marketing manager of Xbox, said that if his console won the poll, he’d make mini fridges that look like the console. Well, it did win and now, Greenberg is keeping his word.

Microsoft concluded its E3 2021 keynote with the announcement of its mini fridge and that it would be available for purchase sometime this holiday season. It’s officially named the Xbox Mini Fridge and they promised that it is “the world’s most powerful mini fridge”, and that it’s built with a cutting-edge “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture”; an obvious play on the Xbox Series X’s “Velocity Architecture”.

Maybe you’ll be able to purchase this mini-fridge and cool your head about the fact that Microsoft will not be officially launching the Xbox Series X and Series S in the Malaysian market. That said, the mini fridge might not even make it to our market officially either, for the same reasons as the console’s unavailability in Malaysia.

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