Thursday, June 10, 2021

Rockstar Games Co-Founds CircoLoco Records

The Grand Theft Auto series is undoubtedly the biggest franchise belonging to Rockstar Games. And in those games, music plays a very major role, as understated as it usually is. And with that, the company is partnering with CircoLoco to announce a new record label. And it is simply named CircoLoco Records.

With the new label, CircoLoco Records will release its first album, Monday Dreamin’, on 9 July. One track, called Lumartes (Extended) by Seth Troxler, is already available to listen to right now. And the record label will make one more EP available every week until the full album.

CircoLoco styles itself as “representing house and techno for over 20 years”. It also has a long history as Monday morning parties in Ibiza since 1999. So it’s a sign of what sort of tracks to expect from the new label, from genre to its evolution through the ages.

If you like the music of Grand Theft Auto, particularly those of GTA Online, then this release is certainly one to keep track of, no pun intended. As mentioned, the first full album by CircoLoco Records will be out on 9 July. There is also a vinyl in the works for the hardcore audiophiles. But no word on when that will be available.

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