Monday, July 19, 2021

Solar-Powered Adidas Headphones Are In The Works

Adidas is a global powerhouse that is known by many, mainly through its vast catalogue of sportswear and footwear. One of the brand’s latest projects still revolves around sports but comes in the form of audio equipment instead.

Some may not know this but Adidas has its own audio product lineup and we don’t mean those that the company have produced with Sennheiser before. Instead, what we meant is the Adidas Headphones family of products which are actually developed and designed by Zound Industries.

Based in Sweden, Zound was also responsible for bringing Marshall, who produced amplifiers used and adored by many musicians throughout the globe, into the world of consumer audio products in 2010. The partnership between Zound and Adidas is much recent though, as the initial batch of Adidas Headphones products was just launched in 2019.

Designed as the follow-up to the original Adidas RPT-01, what made the upcoming RPT-02 SOL rather interesting is the fact that it will be solar-powered, through the usage of Powerfoyle solar cell made by another Swedish company, Exeger. Aside from that, Zound will also be using recycled plastics in order to manufacture RPT-02 SOL.

As the story goes, this is not the first time that Zound and Exeger have collaborated together though. In fact, Zound has used Exeger’s Powerfoyle on another headphone called Los Angeles, that the company will release this month under its in-house brand, Urbanista.

However, the RPT-02 SOL will feature an on-ear design as opposed to the Los Angeles headphone which features an over-ear design instead. The fact that the Adidas-branded release is made for an active lifestyle, set them apart as well, given that the RPT-02 SOL will also be lighter than the Los Angeles headphone .

While the teaser video from Zound and Exeger has shown the general design outline of RPT-02 SOL, it is still going to be quite some time before consumers can get their hands on them though. At the moment, Zound plans to release the RPT-02 SOL within the first half of 2022 and are expected to have a price tag of between USD 199 (~RM 834) to USD 229 (~RM 960).

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