Friday, October 29, 2021

Alleged Intel Core i5-12400 Performance Benchmarks Leaks

To date, we’ve seen Intel’s upcoming 12th generation Core i9-12900K smile for the camera, as well as its supposed performance metrics leak, yet we’ve barely seen or heard anything from the lineup’s lower-tier Core i5 CPUs. That is, until today.

Details of Intel’s alleged Core i5-12400 CPU were recently leaked to the Chinese social media platform, Bilibili. The details, which come in the form of CPU-Z, AIDA64, and Cinebench benchmarks, give us an idea of what the CPU is capable of. For the uninitiated, the Core i5-12400 is a 6-core, mid-range CPU that is comprised entirely of Intel’s Golden Cove Performance Cores (P-Cores), with no Efficient Cores (E-Cores) in sight.

Specs-wise, the CPU-Z screenshot shows that the 12400 has an all-core boost of 4GHz, with a single-core boost of 4.6GHz. Additionally, the TDP is rated at just 65W, although the AIDA64 benchmark shows the CPU package pulling in slightly more than that at 78.5W, while its temperature seemed to be a manageable 60°C.

As for scores, the Cinebench R20 benchmark shows that the 12400 scored 4784 points on the multi-core test and 659 points on the single-core test. In comparison, that puts the CPU squarely against AMD’s own Ryzen 5 5600X.

Intel first announced the existence of its 12th generation Alder Lake CPU lineup back in August, with the official launch expected to kick off on 27 October, during the Intel Innovation live stream event. At the time of writing, there’s also no official pricing for the Core i5-12400, but considering that its predecessor, the 11th generation Core i5-11400 retailed at RM799, many are hoping that Intel will maintain the price for the new mid-range CPU, if it wants to maintain that competitive edge against its direct rival.

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