Friday, October 1, 2021

Immigration Department Expands MyTravelPass Exemptions For Those Going Overseas

The immigration department has announced several new categories of Malaysians that will be exempted from having to apply for MyTravelPass (MTP) before leaving the country. Starting from 1 October, a total of seven categories of travellers are allowed to go overseas without getting prior approval, including new students studying at overseas institutions.

The new rules allow for newly accepted students, existing overseas students, and those sitting for exams abroad to be exempted from the application, including two guardians to accompany them. Although this exemption was already in place throughout most of the pandemic, updated regulations back in May required new students studying abroad to apply for MTP.

Couples will also be elated now that Malaysians can travel out of the country to meet their spouses if their marriage is registered overseas. However, do note that foreign spouses with Malaysian-registered marriages will still need to get MTP approval before coming here. In addition, those who have emergencies abroad such as deaths or critical illness will also be free to travel.

The exemptions now include participants in sports events, seminars, meetings, and humanitarian aid missions, with no changes for the exemptions that apply to Malaysian and foreign diplomats. Those travelling under one of these specific conditions will only need to show the relevant paperwork to immigration officers when leaving the country. This expansion looks to be a step forward in eventually allowing all vaccinated Malaysians to travel overseas.

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