Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mercedes-AMG Unveils Its First Ever “Office” Chair

Mercedes-AMG, the high performance focused sub-brand of Mercedes, is now looking to deliver its luxurious and comfortable seating experience from its cars and straight into your workplace. Recently unveiled is the all-new and aptly named AMG Office Chair, which is also its first ever product of this category.

Now, some of you may recall a somewhat similar throne by Noblechairs that was released in 2019, which also featured the AMG branding (or rather its official F1 team). This new chair, on the other hand, isn’t a collaborative release, and is actually designed and manufactured by the Mercedes high performance arm itself. Amusingly, the first-party AMG throne isn’t marketed as a gaming chair despite featuring a design that is often reflected on similar products from the likes of Secret Lab, Razer, and the previously mentioned Noblechairs. And for car brands releasing their own chairs, consider this circle now complete.

The AMG Office Chair bears similarities to the brand’s A45 performance seats – complete with a bucket form factor with an integrated headrest, a metal badge featuring the company’s branding, black high quality Artico artificial leather upholstery, as well as red decorative stitching and stripes. Unique to it is a black powder-coated steel base, black back shell, chrome castors, and adjustable padded armrests. Other than that, the throne also comes with height adjustability and a control lever to adjust its reclining position. Weight-wise, Mercedes-AMG says the entire chair comes in at around 39 kilograms.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the usual fancy features that are typically offered by Mercedes in their cars, such as memory seat adjustment, massage functions and so on. But that’s actually a good thing, as the inclusion of such things will further bump up the chair’s price even further.

Speaking of which, the cost of bringing the Mercedes-AMG certified comfort into your own home (or workplace) will only cost you EUR 3,500 (~RM 15,900). The new AMG Office Chair is available for pre-order now via its official online store, though the company notes that the first 50 units will first ship out exclusively for Private Lounge members.

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