Friday, April 14, 2023

Samsung May Announce Galaxy Z Tab Foldable Tablet Alongside Tab S9 Series

There have been a fair number of rumours surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets that are expected to be launching this year. This includes a possibility of there being five distinct models in the lineup in total, with two budget variants in addition to the base, Plus and Ultra models. More recently, an industry leakster has claimed that the South Korean tech giant may be launching another tablet at the same time. And this extra addition may be a foldable tablet, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab.

The leakster in question is one Revegnus, who made the claim on Twitter. In an answer to a question in the replies, they claim that “There’s a really high probability that this will come out this year”. They also say that the alternative would be releasing it in 2024 instead, but doing so would mean that it will be “one of a bunch of foldables coming out next year”.

Beyond that though, there’s not much else in terms of details. Though if Samsung truly intends to launch a foldable tablet this year, then it will line up with a previous claim by another leakster. Last month, Yogesh Brar claimed that the company may be lifting the veil off of a tri-folding device sometime this year. At the time, it was unclear which form of tri-folding this device will end up sporting. During last year’s edition of CES, the company showcased two possibilities – one is an in-and-out double curve that resembles the letter S or Z, the other being a brochure-like inwards fold.

At any rate, we’ll likely have to wait until Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets first to see if the announcement gets a hitchhike by a Z Tab. And for now, even those don’t yet have a date attached to the event.

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