Sunday, January 17, 2021

Middle Life Crisis ? nobody to talk to (Stories)

I notice when one reach 40 very hard to find new friends 
for one thing people got no time to make friend
for second thing people only want to make friend when they know you are successful - probably they can get something out of you
for third thing - all those friends we used to know just evaporate away, either they no time to talk to you - watsapp, email, telephone or because of a past fight not get along.
for fourth thing - so many of my friends migrated. Some wanted me to follow, I resisted, and we argued over this, then never mended. Even my ex girlfriends migrated (both). Gosh.

some years ago, I attended an ex class reunion. I found all my close friends all changed. We used to joke and easy to talk. Nowadays, they all Datuks and Datins. When they see the most successful ones, they all go and suck up, leaving those mediocre peasants like me sitting there.

I do count my lucky stars, that I got my family. I mean, the only person, I talk to a lot is with my wife. But I do long with the occasional guy to guy camaderie. My kid is too young, I just speak gu gu ga ga with my kid. No adult talk.

Then CNY coming. I have many uncles & aunties but they all getting very old in their 80s. I feel sad, I used to grow up with them, seeking them for advise. But ever since they retired, no money to have gatherings. Besides, after my granny passed away, our gatherings became less n less.

Then there are those cousins, we used to play cowboy guns when we were kids. Now grow up, they became like the anti social pencil neck. Some have migrated, while those remain are still single going into their late 30s to early 40s, dunno what they heck they doing. Then there are those married cousins with kids, hardly keep in touch with them, don't even know what to talk to them about.

My wife extended family all speak a Chinese dialect that I can't understand. I am from another dialect and my mandarin sucks.

My office leh ? People just suck up at me because they want me to approve their payment and contracts. so most of my after work conversations by phone and watsapp is just about work.

I have not socialize for so long until I forgot how to socialize. My conversations become so boring. Just the other day, I visited my billionaire friend to take some things from him. I spoke to him about peasant issues, he was like "Duh...boring". He wanted to hear high society talk.

damn...any of you facing middle life crisis like me ?
I mean if you are in your teenage years or early 20s, don't bother posting, because you haven't reach this middle life crisis yet.

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