Saturday, January 16, 2021

Snapchat Survey: 44 Percent Of Malaysians Don’t See 2021 As A “Fresh Start”

Snap Inc. said today that its multi-country survey of Snapchatters found that 44% of Malaysian users didn’t view the beginning of 2021 as a “fresh start.” Still, the remaining 56% saw 2021 as an opportunity for a new beginning. On a separate question, just over half of Malaysian users are looking forward to COVID-19 vaccine.

Conducted at the tail end of 2020 through the beginning of this year, the survey also found that 58% of Malaysian Snapchatters were making New Year resolutions, with wellness being their top priority. 71% said they planned to exercise more, and 63% to eat healthier, notably ahead of respondents from all of the other countries surveyed.

With vaccination being the talk of the town now, 53% of Malaysian Snapchatters said they were looking forward to the vaccine. It should be said that this puts Malaysia (at least its Snapchat users) just a point ahead of the United States (52%) and a few points behind the UK (56%) – a far cry from Brazil (86%) and India (77%).

That being said, the Malaysian Ministry of Health recently released the results of an online survey showing that the majority of Malaysians are receptive towards COVID-19 vaccine. Many Malaysians’ apparent pessimism over 2021 is not surprising, however.

An Ipsos survey conducted late last year found that 70% of Malaysians agreed with the statement “There will be a new global pandemic caused by a new virus.” A new virus hasn’t emerged (yet), but since most of the country is now under varying forms of a fresh MCO, can you blame many Malaysians for feeling a little blue?

The Snapchat survey was conducted from 20 December 2020 until 4 January 2021, and involved over 7,300 respondents across 17 countries, including Malaysia.

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