Monday, January 4, 2021

Xiaomi Teases New Redmi Note 9T Smartphone

Xiaomi on Twitter has revealed that it will be launching the new Redmi Note 9T smartphone sometime soon. The phone is the latest entry to the Note 9 series that was launched in late November 2020. Also, this new device is not to be confused with the upcoming Redmi 9T that was announced earlier today

Based on the teaser image provided along with the  announcement, the 9T model features an almost similar rear design as the original Note 9 and Note 9 Pro models. The only differences, in regards to cosmetics, is that the circular ring surrounding its camera array is thinner than the ones found in its predecessors. That being said, the new variant will offer what appears to be a triple rear camera setup.

Specifications for the device have not been revealed at this time, but it is expected that the Note 9T will feature some upgrades in terms of hardware. For reference, last year’s Note 9 Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 750G, up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB storage, and a 4,820mAh battery with 33W fast charging support.

Xiaomi did not mention specifically when the new Redmi Note 9T is expected to launch, but promises it to be coming soon. We’ll keep you updated when we have received more details  regarding this in the coming days or even weeks.

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