Thursday, February 11, 2021

Apple Glass Micro OLED Displays To Be Made By TSMC

Recently, the Apple Glass AR headwear has seen a lot of resurgence in the news. Last month, Bloomberg reported that the company will first be working on an expensive headset before moving on to the mainstream glasses. But a new report states that TSMC is already working on the display for the AR headset.

According to Nikkei, TSMC is in the trial production phase of making micro OLED displays for the Apple Glass. And it will take several years to get to mass production. The company is even using its existing chip-making equipment for the process.

You might be wondering, why is Apple working with a chip maker rather than a glass maker like Corning for this? Sources say that this is because these micro OLED displays are extremely small – less than one inch in fact.

And because of this, they are built straight onto chip wafers. This is very much opposed to the conventional phones or TVs that have a glass substrate. Though the source says Apple is still “leveraging panel experts’ know-how on display technologies”.

Mass production of these micro OLED display for the Apple Glass being a long way away is no surprise. Apple’s plans for the eyewear was initially for a 2023 reveal, though that might be a little too tight a window.

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