Monday, March 22, 2021

Apple Gets US$2 Million Fine In Brazil For Excluding Charger From iPhone 12 Box

Back in October last year, Apple announced the iPhone 12 series of devices, and their lack of a charger. Half a year later, we now see one country, Brazil, issuing a fine to the company for that decision.

Brazilian consumer protection body Procon-SP issued a US$2 million (~RM8.2 million) to Apple over the weekend. The fine didn’t exactly come without warning. About the time Apple announced the iPhone 12, Procon questioned the environmental gains of not including a charger with the phone. A month after that, the regulator concluded that the company did not demonstrate environmental gain from the move.

In addition to not including a charger, Procon is also charging Apple for a number of other issues. These range from misleading advertising to unfair terms. According to 9to5Mac, the former is because Brazilian customers reported that Apple did not repair iPhone 11 Pro devices with water problems. As for the latter, the agency claims that the iPhone maker “exempts itself from all legal and implicit guarantees and against hidden or not apparent defects”.

While the fact that Apple getting fines may seem like a substantial event, it probably isn’t. After all, US$2 million is likely less than a drop of water for one of the largest smartphone makers.

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