Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Someone Gave The PS5 A Brass Makeover

We have seen two companies making gold PS5 consoles already. But gold is prohibitively expensive. If you wanted a similar-looking console, brass makes for a much more affordable alternative. And that’s exactly what the YouTube channel DIY Perks has done.

Brass is also chosen because in addition to affordability, it is also relatively easy to handle. That being said, it’s definitely no simple process. You’ll obviously need to know what you’re doing on the DIY front. And the PS5 comes with a lot of curves. And the plates are especially tricky, since they curve in different directions from one end to another. But at any rate, DIY Perks shows the entire process in recording.

The end result, plus some polish, is a very fancy looking PS5 console that isn’t too dissimilar to the gold ones. And it works just like the regular version, with one important exception. And that’s the WiFi, as brass, like most other metals, don’t work very well with wireless tech. The workaround here is to leave one of the WiFi antennas outside the console at the back.

Of course, DIY projects are hard work, and require a lot of skill. Making this custom PS5 out of brass, especially so. All that being said, the most difficult part is probably getting an actual PS5 in the first place, since you still need the electronics inside.

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