Friday, April 16, 2021

Alleged iPhone 11 Pro With Misprinted Apple Logo Fetches US$2700 In Price

In most instances, consumers would return or request for a refund if they were to receive a defective product. But would you pay a fortune for an iPhone 11 Pro with a misprinted Apple logo? Well, apparently someone actually did just that and acquired one at a whopping US$ 2,700 (RM 11,170).

News of this was brought forward by the Internal Archive account on Twitter, which usually shares rare demo units or prototypes of various Apple products. In a recent tweet, it shared a set of photos featuring the aforementioned iPhone model with the logo misprint, and noted that such production errors are extremely rare – claimed to be about 1 in 100 million chance. This makes this particular unit possibly the only one of its kind, therefore increasing its value for collectors.

The iconic Apple logo on the iPhone 11 Pro model is shown to be aligned off center and slightly tilted, enough to trigger a fit for those with OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) – including myself. Internal Archive explained that due to Apple’s “extreme QC practices”, units such as these would never leave the factory, thus contributing to its extreme rarity. These products are often destroyed when identified during manufacturing in order to avoid from being shipped out to consumers, noted Chance Miller of 9to5Mac.

Whether or not this particular iPhone 11 Pro model was actually sold at the aforementioned price is unclear. Unfortunately, Internal Archive did not provide any evidence to support this claim – such as a screenshot featuring the proof of transaction, or the product’s listing on an e-Commerce website.

That being said, supposedly defective products that are being offered at insanely high prices are not entirely uncommon, especially among collectors. While instances such as these for tech products are indeed rare, misprinted trading cards – such as those from the Pokemon series – can fetch up to five figures in US dollars. At the time of writing, the most expensive Pokemon-branded misprinted card listed on eBay is a Shining Legends Entei, which is currently priced at US$ 49,999 (~RM 206,750).

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