Saturday, April 17, 2021

Clubhouse Launches New Payment System For Content Creators

Clubhouse has launched its first monetisation feature for content creators, and it is  simply known as “Payments.” The audio-based social media app said the feature would be the first of many upcoming additions to allow creators to earn money directly on the platform.

If you’re on Clubhouse, you’ll already be able to send payments to members, but the company is gradually rolling out the ability to receive payments – starting with a small test group. The platform said it wants to first collect feedback, make necessary adjustments , and then release it to all users.

Those who want to try Payments can tap on the profile of a creator who has the feature enabled and tap “Send Money”. Users would then have to specify how much they’d like to send via a credit or debit card. Clubhouse claims it will take nothing from the transaction, though a small card processing fee will go to its processing partner, Stripe.

With potential competitors chomping at its heels, it seems Clubhouse is eager to attract a solid base of content creators before they do. Spotify, LinkedInFacebook, and ByteDance are all reported or rumoured to be working on their own clones of the application.

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