Saturday, April 17, 2021

Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED TV Coming To Malaysia This May For RM 599,999

Over the years, Samsung has been showcasing its microLED technology whenever and wherever it can through a massive installation called The Wall. Now, consumers can get a similar experience through the consumer-level microLED models which are heading to Malaysia very soon.

While the underlying technology is the same, the implementation between The Wall and the new consumer model is quite different. The Wall revolves around modular microLED panels which can be stacked to reach sizes of up to 292-inch while the consumer version comes in fixed sizes.

Additionally, the consumer microLED TVs have a smaller screen size but still generally larger than your average TV screen. In Malaysia, the 2021 Samsung microLED TVs will be made available in two sizes including the 110-inch variant which was launched in South Korea last December alongside another variant with a smaller 99-inch screen.

Interesting enough, we were told that the 110-inch model comes with 4K resolution just like in South Korea but the 99-inch variant features 8K resolution instead. Price-wise, the 110-inch option goes for RM 599,999 while the 99-inch model is listed at RM 519,999.

The new 2021 Samsung microLED TVs will be made available for purchase through Samsung Malaysia’s official website this coming May. However, do note that they are built-to-order and takes around 6 to 8 weeks for Samsung to get it into your living room.

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