Thursday, May 6, 2021

Google Launches Mantap Bersama Initiative To Help Small Businesses In Malaysia

Google Malaysia has launched an initiative called Mantap Bersama to help small businesses across the country in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to help them build a digital presence on Google’s own search engine and Maps.

To that end, Google is asking the Malaysian public to chip in by reviewing and rating these businesses on the Google ecosystem. It’s essentially a crowdsourcing campaign aimed at raising the profile and credibility of small businesses.

The tech giant said there are four ways people can participate in the #MantapBersama initiative this Raya. Firstly, they can search (through the Google search engine) for products and services near them and discover a new small business. Secondly, they can write helpful Google reviews of small businesses.

Thirdly, they can share pictures of the business – for example, adding photos of the special Ramadan dish they ordered from a restaurant. And lastly and obviously, they can buy from small businesses, ensuring they (the businesses) have funds to support their employees.

To promote awareness of #MantapBersama, Google enlisting the help of three YouTube content creators who are small business owners themselves. They are Ili Sulaiman, celebrity chef and founder of Ili Pot; Fadhil Mohamad Isa (also known as Cardock), former newsreader turned YouTube creator who founded Cardock Academy; and Chef Kalidevan Murugaya (popularly known as Chef Dave), former cruise chef and vegan lifestyle advocate who started D’Vegan Academy.

The three will be promoting small businesses meaningful to them on their respective social media accounts, highlighting why these businesses mean so much to them and tagging others to share reviews.

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