Thursday, May 6, 2021

Most expensive TV in the world. USD 1,600,000 📺

Hey! You consider yourself a gamer? Well, have you picked up your brand new $499 Playstation 5 or X box Series X yet? No? Oh boy… you are way behind, my friend. Well, don’t fret. We’re sure that you will get one sooner or later. In the meantime, why not start lookin for that perfect 4k television to play your next console on? Why not buy this bad boy-- if you’ve got the funds that is. We should warn you… it may just cause more than the house you want to put it in! We’d like to introduce you to the Titan Zeus. Let us assure you, it deserves its name. This tv is bigger than an elephant, and holds the title of most expensive television in the entire world at an astonishing 1.6 million dollars. Suddenly that $499 video game console doesn’t seem so bad, huh? Just a drop in the bucket compared to the price of the screen that you want to play it on! All joking aside, today we look at the specs and features of the Titan Zeus-- so you can decide if it’s worth that 1.6 mill! We gotta say, after watching our video today and learning all about the ins, outs, and all that is in between for this incredible viewing device, we think you may become a believer, and start saving up just a bit more so that you can pick up the Titan Zeus! King of all televisions and projectors!

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