Sunday, May 23, 2021

Samsung To Showcase S-Foldable Smartphone And Other Prototypes During SID Display Week 2021

Samsung Display announced that it will be showcasing several prototype products during the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2021 event, which starts today from 17 until 21 May 2021. Most interestingly, one of the confirmed demonstrations will be a smartphone concept known as the “S-Foldable” which features a tri-folding display (pictured above).

The S-Foldable sports a flexible display that transforms back and forth from phone to tablet mode via two hinges – with the process itself resembling an “S” shape, hence the device’s namesake. From the image provided by Samsung, the phone features what appears to be a triple camera setup on its left side, while on the right is a transparent material which serves as a cover for its display in smartphone mode. The latter might function as a notifications bar when viewed from the back of the S-Foldable in its folded form.

Other than the concept smartphone, Samsung noted that it will feature three other prototypes during the event. These include a tablet/laptop hybrid with a 17-inch foldable display, a smartphone concept known as the “Slideable” which features, well, a slidable display, and a laptop that comes equipped with its Under Panel Camera (UPC) technology. 

As we are aware by now, the innovations featured in the aforementioned products above are not particularly new. Slideable or rollable displays have been showcased before by rival smartphone maker OPPO and fellow South Korean company LG, while the UPC has already debuted by ZTE via its Axon 20 5G smartphone that was released last year.

It is also worth noting that Samsung had also teased these two technologies prior to this when they were still in the early stages of development. That being said, the SID Display Week 2021 event is the company’s best opportunity to demonstrate the latest evolution for its display-based innovations which could possibly see a commercial release in the very near future.

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