Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Louis Vuitton Introduces A UFO-Like Wireless Speaker That Costs RM12600

When a highly esteemed designer brand announces a tech product, it wouldn’t be surprising if you expected it to feature these two factors: an outlandish design, and an eye-watering price tag. Well, Louis Vuitton’s recently introduced LV Horizon Light Up Speaker aces them with flying colours – quite literally too, with 23 onboard LEDs that produces an RGB light show while it plays music.

Even though some of the more recent wireless audio device offerings from brands such as Sony and B&O feature less-than-traditional designs, they still can’t hold a candle to what Louis Vuitton has envisioned for the Horizon. Inspired by its own Toupie handbag, the new LV-branded speaker sports the same top-like form factor but thanks to its onboard lighting, it now resembles a fashion conscious UFO instead. Size-wise, the device comes in at 18 cm tall and 14 cm wide, with a weight of 1 kg.

Found under the top cone is a 3-inch woofer which is surrounded by the aforementioned lighting system, followed by black perforated and embossed leather that covers the Horizon’s two onboard 0.75-inch tweeters. On one side of the device is a column featuring touch-based controls for playback, power management and so on. Meanwhile, the surrounding Louis Vuitton wordings on the center of the speaker comes with RGB lighting capability as well.

According to the brand, the not-so-practical design is intentional as the Horizon is meant to sit on its side. Alternatively, you can also place it on the included charging dock to avoid any potential mishaps from happening. Speaking of charging, the new LV wireless speaker is claimed to last up to 15 hours of playtime and a full battery top-up will require around 1.5 hours of charging time via the dock, which is connected to a power source via a USB-C cable.

In terms of audio delivery, Louis Vuitton claims that the Horizon is capable of outputting a frequency range of 60Hz to 16kHz, at a maximum loudness of 89 db SPL at 1m, with an amplifier power of 2x 30W. Until we actually have the device on-hand for testing (which we doubt this will ever happen), the jury’s out on whether LV’s device is capable of matching or surpassing other wireless speakers that are currently available in the market.

Other than that, the LV Horizon also comes with three built-in microphones for calls, but lacks an onboard voice assistant. On the software side of things, its companion app is available for users on Android, iOS, and even Huawei devices via their respective app stores.

So what’s the recommended retail price for the new Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker? We hope you have plenty of disposable income to spend as it will cost you precisely RM12,600 for a unit (hey, we told you it will be eye-watering). Those interested can order the device now from Louis Vuitton’s official online store via the link provided below.

The Horizon isn’t the first tech-related product by LV, by the way. The brand currently has a selection of true wireless earbuds and even smartwatches under its belt – all of which also feature hefty price tags of their own.

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