Monday, August 16, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 To Retail In Malaysia At RM499

Joining the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3Z Flip3 and Galaxy Watch4 series‘ expected arrival in Malaysia by late September 2021 is the newly launched Galaxy Buds2. Similarly, preorders for the earbuds will be open to customers this Thursday on 19 August as well.

As a quick recap, the new Galaxy Buds2 comes with active noise cancelling (ANC) – a much appreciated listening enhancement that was included in Samsung’s Buds Pro and Buds Live earbuds, but not the original 2019 model. Another newly introduced feature on the Buds2 is a machine learning-based solution that intelligently filters out unwanted noises from your voice during hands-free calls.

In terms of battery-life, Samsung claims that the new earbuds can last up to five hours of play time with ANC on, with an additional 15 hours of juice when topped up from the accompanying charging case. With the noise cancelling feature turned off, the Buds2 is said to be capable of lasting up to 7.5 hours on a full charge, with an additional 21.5 hours via its case.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is offered in either Graphite, White, Lavender, and Olive colour options, which also applies to the casing’s interior. Its exterior, on the other hand, will feature a white glossy finish regardless of which colourway you’ve chosen. Price-wise, the new earbuds will retail at RM 499, which is similar to its predecessor’s launch price when it arrived in Malaysia.

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