Tuesday, October 5, 2021

WhatsApp Beta Rolls Out Default Disappearing Messages Update

A new feature is launching on WhatsApp beta that allows users to set all messages to disappear by default. The feature’s current iteration only allows users to turn on disappearing messages for individual chats and only gives the option of seven days.

This new rollout gives you more control over the privacy feature. For starters, there’s now a global timer for all chats, and that’s in addition to the ability to personalise the duration for individual threads. Instead of just seven days, WhatsApp is also adding options for 24 hours and 90 days.

The expanded message timer joins the View Once feature as part of the platform’s growing suite of privacy-focused tools. Be aware of course, that none of these measures prevent recipients from recording or taking a screenshot of the contents that you send and, unlike Snapchat, you have no way of knowing if they did.

The default disappearing messages is rolling out to iOS users on WhatsApp beta and WhatsApp Business beta. Unfortunately, Android beta users will have to be patient as the feature will only be released next week. With the latest beta, WhatsApp also unveiled larger and rounder chat bubbles.

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