Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Modder Transforms Portable Gas Stove Into A Small Form Factor PC

The PC Modding and custom-design casing community are nothing new at this point and safe to say, the stuff that comes out of the minds of some individuals are nothing short of creative feats. Recently, one PC modder showed how they were able to make a DIY PC by transforming a portable gas stove into a chassis.

The modder, Sunoshop, hails from Vietnam and originally shared the video of his portable gas stove custom PC on TikTok, but has since caught fire within the PC Master Race subreddit. If one were to dig a little deeper into the chassis thickness of the stove, one would find that it is around 120mm thick, with the encased space just nearly half that. For reference, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition is about half the overall thickness at 61mm, and it is unlikely that the chassis would accommodate the card’s PCB, length-wise.

 For that matter, you can especially see why the GPU slot within this portable gas stove PC remains empty; as fun as a project as this chassis may seem, the Sunoshop would have to dig deep and figure out how they would be able to cram a GPU into it.

Despite its lack of a GPU, that isn’t the point that defines this portable gas stove PC. To boot it up, the modder made it so that they’d have to turn the gas knob on the side, just as you normally would on such an appliance. Then, instead of bright blue flames in the centre, what you get is a ring of RBG, emanating from the PC fan that is built in the middle of the system.

As for where the canister for the portable gas stove would be, that space has been filled with the PC’s PSU. Then, just underneath where the hob lays is where all the PC internals lay, in all their RGB glory.

The only factors that remain a mystery to us are what components Sunoshop had used to build the portable gas stove PC. Even at a glance, our resident PC enthusiast can’t quite finger the chipset the build is based on. In fact, the only thing that could made out was that the SSD inside was definitely one from Kingston.

Whatever the case, this design sure beats the heck out of the KFConsole, at least in terms of creativity.

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