Friday, April 16, 2021

Apple Independent Repair Provider Program Is Coming To Malaysia

Apple has announced that it is expanding the Independent Repair Provider (IRP) Program to more countries soon. Malaysia is listed in the first wave of the latest IRP expansion as the program’s registration for our market will be opened later this week.

In general, the IRP designation is meant for companies that are being authorised by Apple to repair out-of-warranty iPhone and Mac. On another hand, repair jobs for in-warranty devices can only be done by Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) who are also allowed to repair other Apple products such as iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.

Nevertheless, IRPs still have direct access to genuine diagnostics, tools, and spare parts as well as training, service guides, and other related resources to help them perform those repair jobs. Naturally, IRPs also need to have their technicians certified as well, which they can do so by passing the necessary Apple Certifications exams via Authorized Testing Centres.

Meanwhile, users can check whether their service provider is a verified IRP and AASP through this particular section of Apple’s website. For Malaysian companies that are interested to become an IRP, the registration link is not up yet though but you can keep a look out for further development right here.

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