Monday, May 10, 2021

Govt Unveils The First Set of High-Risk Locations Detected By HIDE COVID-19 Early Warning System

(UPDATE – 10:46 PM): The government has since directed HIDE locations to be shut down for three days immediately. More details here.


The government has released the first list of high-risk locations that could potentially turn into COVID-19 hotspots. Originally scheduled for release yesterday, these locations were determined using the newly introduced Hotspot Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) system which is developed and managed by a unit under the Ministry of Health called CPRC Analytics.

Here is the list in full as provided by the National Security Council (MKN) Telegram channel this morning:

According to the general FAQ that was also listed in the channel, HIDE is an early warning system that utilises big data analytics and artificial intelligence to perform predictions on locations that have the potential to become COVID-19 hotspots within seven days.

The FAQ further pointed out that these predictions are done using the check-in data from MySejahtera and the existing medical database. However, locations that are listed by the HIDE system are not yet deemed as COVID-19 clusters and they will not be asked to temporarily shut down their operations.

That being said, authorities do recommend the owners under the locations listed by HIDE to increase their awareness, perform COVID-19 tests on their staff, and impose a more stringent crowd control method at their premises. Premises will be taken off from the HIDE  list once the system deemed them as safe enough after seven days.

If you have visited any of the locations listed by HIDE, you are advised by the authorities to minimise your contact with other people in the next seven days. Additionally, you also should perform a COVID-19 test if you develop any related symptoms within 14 days of your visit to the locations.

The authorities have also advised the general public to avoid visiting the locations listed by HIDE for the time being. If you still have to go there, do follow the guidelines provided by the premise owners and continue to perform social distancing as well as wear your face mask properly, and wash your hands often.

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