Monday, June 14, 2021

Microsoft To Retire Internet Explorer On 15 June 2022

Microsoft is already moving all of its internet browser resources from Internet Explorer into its Chromium-based Edge. It’s even integrated the former into the latter. And next year, the company will be retiring the 25-year old browser.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that it stopped supporting Internet Explorer come 15 June of 2022. It’s still quite a long way away, but the end of the browser itself has been a long time coming. The company goes on to explain why you should be moving on to its new Edge browser.

Though in all fairness, the average person has likely long shifted to a different browser. The only ones that are still using the old browser are the enterprise people, who have websites that are heavily invested into legacy apps. But since the new Edge browser has an IE mode, this should no longer be an issue either.

But companies should still start updating their websites to fit modern standards. This is because IE mode is also due to be retired further down the line, all the way in 2029. It’s fair to say that today, no one is a fan of Internet Explorer. Even Microsoft started telling users to stay away from it back in 2019.

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